Skills Department Standards
What Matters Most?

Chinquapin Preparatory's Skills Program includes grades 6th-8th and provides students opportunities for personal development in 1. Academic Skills, 2. Character Education, 3. 21st Century Technology Skills, 4. Health/Wellness Awareness, and 5. Career/College Readiness. No other middle school program on campus requires such depth in knowledge about oneself academically and socially. Students learn to analyze behavior as a way to critically think and evaluate academic achievement, as well as enhance social and emotional learning. Students begin to understand the impact the five standards can have on their lives and work toward utilizing program learning for personal growth.-Dorothy Scrutchin, M.Ed. Head of Middle School

The purpose of the middle school skills program is to provide students with the following:
  1. Academic Skills
  2. Character Education
  3. 21st Century Technology Skills
  4. Health/Wellness Awareness
  5. Career/College Readiness

1. Chinquapin students will learn time management, note-taking, test taking skills, typing, presenting, problem solving, how to use goals and planning for academic purposes, effective studying, and organization.

2. Chinquapin students will learn to identify heroes in others in the community and themselves, to become more reflective and self-aware, to become empathetic, to be responsible, to have mutual love and respect for others, to be able to deal with differences, and to deal appropriately with conflicts.

3. Chinquapin students will learn how to ethically use technology for academic purposes and interacting with others, to use technology for presentations, and to understand the impact of social media.

4. Chinquapin students will learn about exercise, body image, self-esteem, and nutrition as well as to deal with stress and learn to cope.

5. Chinquapin will drastically improve students’ college and career preparedness by using SMART goals and college/career planning.

Grading System:
Students will receive grades according to the following:
Semester 1: Q1(40%) + Q2 (40%) + Culminating Project (20%)
Semester 2: Q3(40%) + Q4 (40%) + Culminating Project (20%)

Each Quarter’s grade consists of the following:
Homework 20%
Projects/Papers/Presentations 40%
Class Participation/In-Class Assignments 40%

6th Skills I
7th Skills II
8th Skills III