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Community Appreciation:



Cultivating Passionate Learners:

Ideas for Faculty Summer Reading:
A New Culture of Learning: Cultivating the Imagination for a World of Constant Change (Jan 2011) by Douglas Thomas and John Seely Brown


The Core Knowledge Sequence, K-8
Best Practices (MS Focus)
MERLOT: Juried Lesson Plans, Resources on Pedagogy

21st Century Learning

Michael Wesch (Youtube Channel), including “A Vision of Students Today”
“Framework for 21st Century Learning”
Shifts in Education
“Comparing 20th and 21st Century Paradigms”
Will Richardson, “A Superintendent Leading Change
Student EngagementEdutopia: “Big Ideas for Better Schools: Ten Ways to Improve Education” Digital DivideWikipedia: “Digital Divide”

English and Language Arts:

Here's the website about poetry where I was interested in entering our
students' podcasts. The poetry reading of "I'm Nobody..." is great. I
was thinking we could have the students do this, but with a twist by
focusing on parts of speech. -- Dorothy


History and Social Studies:

National Council for the Social Studies
21st Century Skills
Social Studies and the Middle School
Landmark Cases of the U.S. Supreme Court
Art Education in the Social Studies
The Paragon Vision


  • Online Physics resources available from Moodle Physics page





Technology Tools:

Timelines at Blinklist:
Produce your own timelines or search timelines created by others.

Brave New World: Best 2.0 Sites:
Create your own customized radio station, set up RSS feeds, produce easy web pages, etc.

Create rubrics for your classes.


Best Webquests:
Reviewed webquests by subject area.


Big 6: Great program for developing research skills

Timeline in Excel (just google for more, this is the first that came up):

For collecting and sharing resources in the "cloud":

Zotero: requires a download

Zoho Notebook (requires a log-in)

Also try diigo groups -- students can set up their own accounts, annotate, and share