Suggestions for Summer Reading:

LA III 2010: Reading Project

Local Programs of Interest:
Interested in learning about how to manage money? Check out Money Live!, sponsored by Houston Community College, on June 9th!

Open Source College Courses:
Learn what you want to learn from college professors now!

Stanford, Introduction to Computer Science
University of Mary Washington, Digital Storytelling

Thanks to Christina Mairs for sharing the following:

(University of Michigan, UPenn, Stanford, and Princeton)
Coursera went online just a couple of weeks ago and there are a lot of classes scheduled throughout the summer. Subjects include computer science, math, finance, healthcare, and engineering.

All computer science courses and they seem to be quite fast-paced courses but they have no start or end dates. I am currently enrolled 'How to Build a Search Engine' and its pretty challenging already and I'm only on Unit 1.

MitX (changing to EdX in the fall)
Only a circuits and electronics course offered at the moment. In the fall Harvard and MIT will be combining their free online offerings to create EdX. Course offerings have not yet been made available.
Researchers will apparently be studying data from EdX to see what the high achievers spend their time on the course website doing. Circuits and Electronics began in March and just 10,000 out of the 120,000 students who signed up stuck with it through the midterm!

There is also iTunes U on iTunes but they are just lecture videos rather than full courses.

I found this incredible blog post that has many, many resources for online learning. The topics range from financial literacy and business law to classic literature and the American Memory Project through the Library of Congress.