Ideas for Eighth Grade Projects

Meeting: Jan. 7, 2011
Jeremy D, Liz, Carl, Dale, Tim, Dorothy, Jeremy H., Susan

Proposal (for now)
Introduce the important questions and topics to them during the next Class Advisory (February 4)
  • Ethical Component and Social Issues.
  • Proposal and Portfolio.
  • Have them answer some of these questions below.

I think during Golf Week the Project can be due. We can we work with something there.

May 3-4: ERB Writing
Standardized Testing at end of April
March 31st for ACT Explore
Do a project as part of their application?
Why do we do this as an additional project?
Would we be reminded of skills and talents they have that we don’t ordinarily see?
Use this as a tool reinforce the value of Chinquapin?
What skills should 8th graders have mastered?
Conduct research
Ask good questions and find answers
Are we looking for things that are measurable?
What if we had them answer a two-part question?
Why do you want to be at Chinquapin?
What do you bring to the plate? What do you add?
Successfully articulate and communicate?
Traditional formal essay? With research?
Media skills?
Infused in curriculum?
What skills can be assessed by courses and standardized testing?
What should be assessed by the project?
Time management and meeting deadlines?
Portfolio of best work?
Best academic work and what I do best.
Should the project allow them to figure out what they do best?
What are the categories for the portfolio?
Improve the school in some way?
Have 9th grade teachers evaluate portfolios to see if they are ready for high school work?
We also want to see their B side work.
Academics, Attitude, Quid Pro Quo
Community Service
The project has to be something a student can fail at.
The project has to involve risk.
Ethical component?
Social issue component?
How can you make Chinquapin a better place?
Some sort of social issue?
Understand the guts of the school?
Collecting data?
Problem-solving and critical thinking – what is a problem at chinquapin? How could it change for the better?
What is a place of excellence? Your ideal school?
What is keeping Chinquapin from being the best school it could possibly be? How could this be changed?
Beginning of year: envision the idea school?
Show their maturity, how they’ve grown and developed at Chinquapin?
Prove themselves in some way.
Come back to mission of the school? Quid pro quo.
How will you help your community in your high school years?
Needs to be measurable.
How do you think you are perceived at the school? What do you think you bring to the table? What might we miss or not appreciate?
Sustained effort over time
Journal entry: to explore ways to think bigger
What are you excellent at? How can you use that skill or talent to make Chinquapin a better place to learn?
What about pairing students with a mentor faculty mentor?
When would they meet to do this? Touch base with mentor? Could take 1st period block and split the other block.
Or make appointments as needed?
To write a proposal/plan: Carl, who else?
Year 1 and year 2 ideas