This course is intended for those seniors who are not taking AP Statistics.

1st Semester

Grading and Assessment

Each Quarter 40%
Final 20%

Quarter Grades:

Tests 100% (5 Chapter tests and a Final Exam from

Students are taking an online course to prepare them to take the CLEP test for College Algebra. They are using the online curriculum offered by They are supplementing their preparation with and YourTeacher,com as well as the following texts:

Advanced Mathematics, Second Edition by Saxon
Algebra 2, Third Edition by Saxon Curriculum

2. Number Systems & Operations (20%)
**Chapter Index**
Real Numbers
Properties Of Real Numbers
Complex Numbers
Sequences And Series
Factorials And Binomial Theorem
Determinants of 2x2 Matrices
Roadmap - Number Systems And Operations
Chapter Exam

3. Algebraic Operations (25%)
**Chapter Index**
Polynomial Basics
Factoring Polynomials
Operations With Algebraic Expressions
Operations With Exponents
Properties Of Logarithms
Roadmap - Algebraic Operations
Chapter Exam

4. Functions & Their Properties (30%)
**Chapter Index**
Algebra Of Functions
Domain And Range
Piece-wise Functions
Graphing Functions
Inverse Functions
Finding Polynomial Roots
Roadmap - Functions And Their Properties
Chapter Exam

5. Equations & Inequalities (25%)
**Chapter Index**
Linear Equations And Inequalities
Quadratic Equations And Inequalities
Absolute Value Equations And Inequalities
Systems Of Equations And Inequalities
Exponential And Logarithmic Equations
Radical Equations
Roadmap - Equations And Inequalities
Chapter Exam