Advanced Precalculus 11th Grade

Instructor: Craig Duncan

Grading and Assessment

Each Quarter 40%
Final 20%

Quarter Grades:

Tests 75%
Homework 25%

Homework graded weekly by other students. (double off if problems are skipped or no work is shown)
Students have 90 to 100 problems per week. Students usually have 15 to 20 minutes per day to work on homework in class and to ask the teacher or other students for help on specific problems. Each student has access to a solution book as well to check their answers and methods of working the problems. Students are constantly encouraged to stay a lesson ahead of the class. Students have a three week assignment sheet detailing when lessons will be covered, when they are due and when tests will be given.
Open book pop quizzes with problems counting as test questions on the next test. (with time to study on their own and then seek help from other students before the quiz)
Weekly tests given with extra credit or penalty (see next ) on the long period day of the week.
Average sheet is kept by each student and signed weekly by parents. If the student brings the Avg sheet back signed the first day of the week, he gets 5 bonus points on the next test, with a penalty of a point per day. If the sheet is turned in without parent signature the student loses three points on the next test, If the sheet is not turned in at all 5 points are deducted from the test score.
Test Corrections are required of any student making below an 80 on a test. A form is given for self assessment as to carelessness or lack of understanding. This is enforced by an additional 5 points deducted from the test score until the test corrections are turned in.

Text: Advanced Mathematics, Second Edition

Quarter 1

Lesson 27 Related Angles * Signs of Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 28 Factorial Notation * Abstract Rate Problems
Lesson 29 The Unit Circle * Very Large and Very Small Fractions * Quadrantal Angles
Lesson 30 Addition of Vectors * Overlapping Triangles
Lesson 31 Symmetry * Reflections * Translations
Lesson 32 Inverse Functions * Four Quadrant Signs * Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 33 Quadrilaterals * Properties of Parallelograms * Types of Parallelograms * Conditions for Parallelograms * Trapezoids
Lesson 34 Summation Notation * Linear Regression * Decomposing Functions
Lesson 35 Change in Coordinates * The Name of a Number * The Distance Formula
Lesson 36 Angles Greater Than 360° * Sums of Trigonometric Functions * Boat-in-the-River Problems
Lesson 37 The Line as a Locus * The Midpoint Formula
Lesson 38 Fundamental Counting Principle and Permutations * Designated Roots * Overall Average Rate Lesson 39 Radian Measure of Angles * Forms of Linear Equations
Lesson 40 The Argument in Mathematics * The Laws of Logarithms * Properties of Inverse Functions
Lesson 41 Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions * Permutation Notation
Lesson 42 Conic Sections * Circles * Constants in Exponential Functions
Lesson 43 Periodic Functions * Graphs of Sin and Cos
Lesson 44 Abstract Rate Problems
Lesson 45 Conditional Permutations * Two-Variable Analysis Using a Graphing Calculator
Lesson 46 Complex Roots * Factoring Over the Complex Numbers
Lesson 47 Vertical Sinusoid Translations * Arctan
Lesson 48 Powers of Trigonometric Functions * Perpendicular Bisectors
Lesson 49 The Logarithmic Function * Development of the Rules for Logarithms
Lesson 50 Trigonometric Equations
Lesson 51 Common Logarithms and Natural Logarithms Lesson 52 The Inviolable Argument * Arguments in Trigonometric Equations
Lesson 53 Review of Unit Multipliers * Angular Velocity
Lesson 54 Parabolas
Lesson 55 Circular Permutations * Distinguishable Permutations
Lesson 56 Triangular Areas * Areas of Segments * Systems of Inequalities
Lesson 57 Phase Shifts in Sinusoids * Period of a Sinusoid
Lesson 58 Distance from a Point to a Line * "Narrow" and "Wide" Parabolas
Lesson 59 Advanced Logarithm Problems * The Color of the White House
Lesson 60 Factorable Trigonometric Equations * Loss of Solutions Caused by Division

Quarter 2

Lesson 60 Factorable Trigonometric Equations * Loss of Solutions Caused by Division
Lesson 61 Single-Variable Analysis * The Normal Distribution * Box-and-Whisker Plots
Lesson 62 Abstract Coefficients * Linear Variation
Lesson 63 Circles and Completing the Square
Lesson 64 The Complex Plane * Polar Form of a Complex Number * Sums and Products of Complex Numbers
Lesson 65 Radicals in Trigonometric Equations * Graphs of Logarithmic Functions
Lesson 66 Formulas for Systems of Equations * Phase Shifts and Period Changes
Lesson 67 Antilogarithms
Lesson 68 Locus Definition of a Parabola * Translated Parabolas * Applications * Derivation
Lesson 69 Matrices * Determinants
Lesson 70 Percentiles and z Scores
Lesson 71 The Ellipse (1)
Lesson 72 One Side Plus Two Other Parts * Law of Sines
Lesson 73 Regular Polygons
Lesson 74 Cramer's Rule
Lesson 75 Combinations
Lesson 76 Functions of (-x) * Functions of the Other Angle * Trigonometric Identities (1) * Rules of the Game

Selected Problem sets from Saxon Text: Calculus

Quarter 3


Quarter 4


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