2012-2103 Fall 2012
Quarter 1:
A. Presentation 1: Introduce a classmate in a 3-5 minute presentation
1. To begin speaking before an audience
2. To discover speaking skills you already have and skills that need some attention
3. To introduce a classmate to others
B. Presentation 2: Organize a speech and get to the point in a 4-6 minute presentation
1. To organize a speech
2. To catch the audience's attention with the introduction
3. To make the message clear by providing supporting material that gets to the point
4. To use clear transitions
5. To reinforce ideas in order to make the material memorable
6. To create a strong conclusion

Fall 2011
Quarter 1
Speech 1-Introduction speech
Speech 2-Organization speech
Speech 3-Inspiration, Persuasive, Informative or Entertaining Speech
Quarter 2

2010-2011 Speech Syllabus
Goals: Being able to present and share your ideas clearly and effectively is one of the most important skills that one can acquire in today’s world. If you cannot present what you know in a clear and concise manner you will be at a significant disadvantage. Of course there are many ways to present your ideas, but in this class we will be focusing on how to effectively present information in an oral form. During the course of this semester you will be given the opportunity to learn about and develop the following:
- How to present oneself
- How to speak so that you can be heard clearly
- How to use body language to enhance your speech
- How to use notes and visual aids effectively in presentations
- How to better organize your thoughts into a clear and precise presentation
- How to be better listeners
This semester we will cover different kinds of public speaking including informative speeches, impromptu speeches, persuasive speeches, and public debate.

Development: The major component of this class will be giving oral presentations. You will be required to give a presentation for each style of public speaking we cover. You will be graded on your performance but your preparation will also factor in. There will be handouts and readings this semester. Quizzes will be given randomly throughout the semester based on the reading. Rough drafts and other preparation material may be checked and given a quiz grade. I also expect you to participate in class and you will be given a grade based on your participation.

Grades: The different assignment will be weighted accordingly:
Major Presentations- 50%
Quizzes and Rough Drafts- 40%
Participation- 10%
Final Quarter Grade 100%
The quarter grades will count 80% of the semester grade with the exam contributing the other 20%.

Contact Info: Email address –
Phone number – 202-747-4257
Email is always the best way to reach me with questions about the course. If there is an emergency or other urgent need feel free to call me. I will be more than happy to meet with anyone needing outside help.

Behavior: All policies of The Chinquapin School as outlined in the student handbook as pertains to conduct and academic integrity will be enforced in the class. That being said, I would like to emphasize the importance of respect in the classroom. Hopefully lively debates and discussions will be a regular part of the classroom environment. All opinions will be heard and are welcomed to be shared in the class. What I will not tolerate is being disrespectful of your classmates or of what they share in class. You are free to disagree but you will do it in a respectful manner.