Advanced Algebra 2 10th Grade

Instructor: Craig Duncan

Grading and Assessment

Each Quarter 40%
Final 20%

Quarter Grades:

Tests 75%
Homework 25%

Homework graded weekly by other students. (double off if problems are skipped or no work is shown)
Students have 90 to 100 problems per week. Students usually have 15 to 20 minutes per day to work on homework in class and to ask the teacher or other students for help on specific problems. Each student has access to a solution book as well to check their answers and methods of working the problems. Students are constantly encouraged to stay a lesson ahead of the class. Students have a three week assignment sheet detailing when lessons will be covered, when they are due and when tests will be given.
Open book pop quizzes with problems counting as test questions on the next test. (with time to study on their own and then seek help from other students before the quiz)
Weekly tests given with extra credit or penalty (see next ) on the long period day of the week.
Average sheet is kept by each student and signed weekly by parents. If the student brings the Avg sheet back signed the first day of the week, he gets 5 bonus points on the next test, with a penalty of a point per day. If the sheet is turned in without parent signature the student loses three points on the next test, If the sheet is not turned in at all 5 points are deducted from the test score.
Test Corrections are required of any student making below an 80 on a test. A form is given for self assessment as to carelessness or lack of understanding. This is enforced by an additional 5 points deducted from the test score until the test corrections are turned in.

Text Algebra 2, Third Edition

Quarter 1

Lesson A Geometry review * Angles * Review of absolute value * Properties and definitions
Lesson B Perimeter * Area * Volume * Surface area * Sectors of circles
Lesson 1 Polygons * Triangles * Transversals * Proportional segments
Lesson 2 Negative exponents * Product and power theorems for exponents * Circle relationships
Lesson 3 Evaluation of expressions * Adding like terms
Lesson 4 Distributive property * Solution of equations * Change sides--change signs
Lesson 5 Word problems * Fractional parts of a number
Lesson 6 Equations with decimal numbers * Consecutive integer word problems
Lesson 7 Percent * Equations from geometry
Lesson 8 Polynomials * Graphing linear equations * Intercept-slope method
Lesson 9 Percent word problems
Lesson 10 Pythagorean theorem
Lesson 11 Addition of fractions * Inscribed angles
Lesson 12 Equation of a line
Lesson 13 Substitution * Area of an isosceles triangle
Lesson 14 Equation of a line through two points * Equation of a line with a given slope
Lesson 15 Elimination
Lesson 16 Multiplication of polynomials * Division of polynomials
Lesson 17 Subscripted variables * Angle relationships
Lesson 18 Ratio word problems * Similar triangles
Lesson 19 Value word problems * AA means AAA
Lesson 20 Simplification of radicals * Line parallel to a given line
Lesson 21 Scientific notation * Two statements of equality

Quarter 2

Lesson 22 Uniform motion problems--equal distances * Similar triangles and proportions
Lesson 23 Graphical solutions
Lesson 24 Fractional equations * Overlapping triangles
Lesson 25 Monomial factoring * Cancellation * Parallel lines
Lesson 26 Trinomial factoring * Overlapping right triangles
Lesson 27 Rational expressions
Lesson 28 Complex fractions * Rationalizing the denominator
Lesson 29 Uniform motion problems: D1 + D2 = k
Lesson 30 Vertical angles are equal * Corresponding interior and exterior angles * 180° in a triangle
Lesson 31 Negative reciprocals * Perpendicular lines * Remote interior angles
Lesson 32 Quotient theorem for square roots * Congruency * Congruent triangles
Lesson 33 Major rules of algebra * Complex fractions
Lesson 34 Uniform motion problems: D1 + k = D2
Lesson 35 Angles in polygons * Inscribed quadrilaterals * Fractional exponents
Lesson 36 Contrived problems * Multiplication of rational expressions * Division of rational expressions
Lesson 37 Chemical compounds * Parallelograms
Lesson 38 Powers of sums * Solving by factoring * Only zero equals zero
Lesson 39 Difference of two squares * Parallelogram proof * Rhombus
Lesson 40 Abstract fractional equations
Lesson 41 Units * Unit multipliers
Lesson 42 Estimating with scientific notation
Lesson 43 Sine, cosine, and tangent * Inverse functions

Text: Advanced Mathematics, Second Edition

Quarter 3

Lesson 1 Geometry Review
Lesson 2 More on Area * Cylinders and Prisms * Cones and Pyramids * Spheres
Lesson 3 Pythagorean Theorem * Triangle Inequalities (1) * Similar Polygons * Similar Triangles
Lesson 4 Construction
Lesson 5 Exponents and Radicals * Complex Numbers * Areas of Similar Geometric Figures * Diagonals of Rectangular Solids
Lesson 6 Fractional Equations * Radical Equations * Systems of Three Linear Equations
Lesson 7 Inductive and Deductive Reasoning * Logic * The Contrapositive * Converse and Inverse
Lesson 8 Statements of Similarity * Proportional Segments * Angle Bisectors and Side Ratios
Lesson 9 Congruent Figures * Proof Outlines
Lesson 10 Equation of a Line * Rational Denominators * Completing the Square
Lesson 11 Circles * Properties of Circles * The Quadratic Formula
Lesson 12 Angles and Diagonals in Polygons * Proof of the Chord-Tangent Theorem
Lesson 13 Intersecting Secants * Intersecting Secants and Tangents * Products of Chord Segments * Products of Secant and Tangent Segments
Lesson 14 Sine, Cosine, and Tangent * Angles of Elevation and Depression * Rectangular and Polar Coordinates * Coordinate Conversion
Lesson 15 Assumptions * Proofs
Lesson 16 Complex Fractions * Abstract Equations * Division of Polynomials
Lesson 17 Proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem * Proofs of Similarity
Lesson 18 Advanced Word Problems
Lesson 19 Nonlinear Systems * Factoring Exponentials * Sum and Difference of Two Cubes
Lesson 20 Two Special Triangles
Lesson 21 Evaluating Functions * Domain and Range * Types of Functions * Tests for Functions

Quarter 4

Lesson 22 Absolute Value * Reciprocal Functions
Lesson 23 The Exponential Function * Sketching Exponentials
Lesson 24 Sums of Trigonometric Functions * Combining Functions
Lesson 25 Age Problems * Rate Problems
Lesson 26 The Logarithmic Form of the Exponential * Logarithmic Equations
Lesson 27 Related Angles * Signs of Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 28 Factorial Notation * Abstract Rate Problems
Lesson 29 The Unit Circle * Very Large and Very Small Fractions * Quadrantal Angles
Lesson 30 Addition of Vectors * Overlapping Triangles
Lesson 31 Symmetry * Reflections * Translations
Lesson 32 Inverse Functions * Four Quadrant Signs * Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Lesson 33 Quadrilaterals * Properties of Parallelograms * Types of Parallelograms * Conditions for Parallelograms * Trapezoids
Lesson 34 Summation Notation * Linear Regression * Decomposing Functions
Lesson 35 Change in Coordinates * The Name of a Number * The Distance Formula
Lesson 36 Angles Greater Than 360° * Sums of Trigonometric Functions * Boat-in-the-River Problems
Lesson 37 The Line as a Locus * The Midpoint Formula

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